When can I play special cards?

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« on: <09-04-23/1549:07> »
I know it's suppose to be the legwork phase and they take affect instantly. And I assume that general trumps specific. So for example, Just A Rumor, which says it can be played during a Shadowrun on a just revealed challenge, means it can be played from hand when I'm doing a run. Makes sense.

For example Major Drain says I can target a mage that just casted a spell. So I assume this can only be played while someone else is running...and I think I just answered my own question...

I just want to make sure, I guess, that I can play special cards out of hand and I don't need to "prime" them by playing them in the legwork phase, then can activate them later.

Like, I don't play Major Drain in the legwork phase then while someone else is running then I activate it. I just play it out of hand and be all like, "You've just activated my Special Card, Kaiba."


I just noticed the big exclamation mark icon, and read in the book it's called a stinger and can be played at anytime. Important to read the rules.
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