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5E help me understand an adept guide


Hello :)

Browsing through here I found this Thread about creating melee adepts

Down the thread, one guy wrote about 3 different ways to build a melee adept.

I'm trying to grasp the math of how he is building #1 and #2

#1 is very interesting, low str and using two stun batons.
I would like to fiddle with tith in chummer but I am seemingly unable to build this character. Please help me :D

Also I cant find the vicious blow combat maneuver, where is it supposed to be? i have run and gun and cant find it.

Thank you in advance.

The reference post is a decade old. You sure it's SR5?

Michael Chandra:
The movement is 10/25 with 5(7) Agility, in SR5 that'd have been 10(14)/20(28). It also predates SR5 release by a few weeks.


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