Beyond Measure: Shadows of Deep Space: Holostreets

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One of the goals of the cyberpunk element is to instill characters with a sense of advanced technology. Technology is a tool used to augment character form and ability. It enables Bettler-Than-Life simulations and Matrix operators to defy physical reality at nearly every turn. It also bestows the sense of overwhelming permeation, leaving no corner of the universe untouched.

As a cyberdystopia, that sense of being overwhelmed moves us to the very edges of our understanding of social structure and indeed the societal dominance that technology brings with it. It reaches out to touch us no matter where we are. In the realm of science fiction, the cyber-dystopian universes with rare exceptions include the arena of Space.

This book is a suggested guide to the inclusion of space, outer space specifically with an example of optional metaplanar space further in. The technology that is used herein is not elaborated as what-if within the Shadowrun universe but is pre-existing both in earlier editions as well as Shadowrun Sixth Edition.

Beyond Measure seeks to compile most of the material, bringing some of it up to standards of sixth edition and clarifying several key points from previous editions.
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