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What exactly is happening to the poor dude on the cover?

a Disian chimera monster thing

Michael Chandra:
He wasn't in the prototype, but they mentioned in an update that they're going to actually introduce him in the game!

Anyway: I was at Spiel in Essen, and I demoed the Takedown prototype with close to 20 demo games. Now granted, the initial rules I played with aren't the final version, since they were going to tweak them more. But even then, it was an awesome game. The random elements can be somewhat countered with smart tactics, but there's still a limit to how much bad luck you can compensate for. I've seen a run go south just 1 turn before a successful getaway, simply because a runner forgot to close a door. Spotted by a random new patrolling enemy, swarmed by everyone out there, then the rest got spotted and failed to take enemies down fast enough, and bam, game-over.

Additionally, the Mastermind really adds a factor to the game. Having the insight of what the rooms hold as extra surprises, really impacts the runs as you can plan ahead when to go together, when a single runner can go, or when you really need to just avoid that monster pit. And with time pressure being a real thing (see forgetting to close a door), losing overwatch can really hurt as you now have less time for more actions and you really start to rush and slip up. (And yes, I have been constantly calling it Overwatch because I find that term more fitting.)

So yeah, every game was different, thanks to players but also the random elements. Sometimes the Milk Run was in fact that, but at other times it went south so fast, it turned out to be a typical Shadowrun 'Milk Run'. I am really looking forward to the final thing, though I do suspect we'll be playing with a slower timer with some players.


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