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Constriction p. 14.  Last sentence: "This can represent the classic boa constrictor, or perhaps a bear hug or a great cat’s jaws on their prey’s throat."  should be stricken. 

It was changed to Snakes only during playtest, didn't update the description.

Formatting problem: Animalism Powers (p. 21).  First two powers are underlined, but none of the rest are.

 FAQ for Bestial Nature.   

The Shifter Quality, starting p. 12, is modified by the Positive and Negative Add-Ons from p. 14 to 19, the Add-Ons do not count as part of the six quality limits or the 20 Karma limits from Step 3.  They are all combined into a single Quality, "Shifter (type), Add-on Lvl X, Add-on Lvl Y....."  Total cost can't go below the minimum cost listed for the specific quality.

Formatting P. 35  Top left box should not be titled "Stun Cages"

P 34   Smart Clothes should include Metahuman Adjustment.


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