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Body Shop and Bestial Nature

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Two up now over at Drive Thru RPG.

Body Shop

You sculpt your body the same way you sculpt marble—cut away all the wrong parts until what you are left with is purely, utterly you. You, but faster. You, but stronger. You, but smarter.

If you’re going to take on the powers of the Sixth World, you will need to be every bit of yourself that you can muster. Cyberware, bioware, geneware, and more can help you build the self you need to rise to the occasion and be the person who can withstand whatever the world throws at you.

Body Shop is the core augmentation rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World.
--- End quote ---

Bestial Nature

--- Quote ---The Animal Within
Metahumanity is great, but what if they could do more? What if they could breathe water like a fish, balance like a cat, or pound things like a gorilla? Shifters know the answer to those questions, because they do those things. Manifesting animal traits, shifters have a range of powers, appearances, and weaknesses, making them a fascinating part of the shadows.

Bestial Nature has rules for shifters for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World, providing qualities, gear, character creation rules, and more to use in your game. Get this book and unleash the beast within!
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I’ve started reading Bestial Nature, they’ve done a good job with shifter rules, giving flexibility for character building!

Frankie the Fomori:
Beautiful day, I hope both the SR team and community are well. I wanted to say that the rules for Shifter are amazing!

I do have one thing I would like to ask about Body shop, the DNA masking treatments are not on any table for costs. Is it possible to get that information added on these forums? I searched the PDF for both DNA masking and each treatment and zero results out of where it is mentioned on page 95 and or in table of contents or index. Thank you so much and always love and laughter friends :)

Michael Chandra:

--- Quote from: Lewis Greywolf on ---About a month after it went to print we noticed that. Here's what it should be. It will make it into the FAQ sooner or later.

GeneClear           2 months           .1               6(I)            35,000¥
Masque                2 weeks            .2               4(I)            28,000¥
Reprint                 1 month             .1               5(I)            23,000¥
Shuffle                 2 weeks              .2               4(I)           18,000¥

--- End quote ---

Frankie the Fomori:
Thank you for such speedy delivery on that table. You’re all amazing and grateful for all your hard work!


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