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Looking for some advice on archtype


Hey all!  Thanks so much for everyones help so far!   I have some new questions and am hoping to get some suggestions or guidance.

I am looking to make a missions legal Decker for Origins (yea, nothing like last minute lol).

I am loosely thinking of the character excelling in hacking, but also being good at surveillance as a secondary skill suite to bring to the group, and minimal combat and driving skills.  Fresh character, and I want to be good at something, but also not be a one trick pony and therefore useless outside of that.

For those experienced in shadowrun missions for 6e, is that a reasonable character concept/archtype?  Or is it still too narrowly focused/useless?

What skills would you suggest for the surveillance piece?  To me, obviously perception, but I am struggling to put my finger on the suite of skills and tools that would unlock a decent surveillance asset to a runner team.

Thanks in advance for any tips


Sounds good to me, just don't skimp too much on Firearms (even if it's rating 1 with a specialization).

Michael Chandra:
Honestly if you're a Decker, I'd consider a few cheap sneaky spydrones. You can't jump in but you can still give them commands or control them through control device, while observing through their sensors. And as a Decker it should be easy to make them hidden and protected in the Matrix.


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