Holostreets' Los Coronados

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Finally, we got to explain what happened to San Diego and TJ since seeing the 4th Ed map of the aftermath of the twins. It's a fairly good sized book at around 100 pages and there is a link to a Google Map that goes into the details of what was left after the twins.

On March 8th, 2069, the world was shaken by a pair of earthquakes that history now knows only as the Twins. The largest impact of those events not only submerged the City of Angels, it struck the cities of San Diego and Tijuana with far more intensity, not only tearing apart the cities and their harbor, but wrenched Baja Peninsula from the California opening a series of chasms from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of California. Los Coronados covers the rebuilt metropolitan area bringing the history that has been ignored until now from the deepest shadows to their edges. Los Coronados is an update to the northern-most corner of Aztlán, including a look at politics and the first fragments of the Shadow Wars that took place immediately in the wake of the Twins. The material is suitable for Shadownrun Sixth Edition but can be used for any edition of game play. The game mechanics found within the text are for Shadowrun Sixth Edition and draw upon the latest mechanics and story arcs of that gaming universe.


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This continues to be a learning experience, with Adam and I both pouring a lot of energy into bringing some independence to the material at the same time.
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