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Living Shadowrun at Origins?

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Michael Chandra:
Living Campaign: So Build-A-Runner is to build a runner and get a bit of a starting reward, First Tastes are smaller intro scenarios that also give some starting rewards, the SRMs are the official storyline (currently 2/3s into Seattle), while CMPs are packs of runs (so 13~16 and 17~20 are two separate packs) that you could consider a sidequest of sorts.

By the way, SRM Online has a few spots left for a free build+first combo on the 3rd of June (a saturday), so if it fits your schedule you could try that.

And yeah, Catalyst announced that they're attending Game Con Canada this year during that weekend.

Forgot to come back and thank everyone for their help and responses, it was very nice of you all, I really appreciate it!  I am looking forward to Origins and loads of Shadowrun!


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