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Living Shadowrun at Origins?

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Hey all, not sure if this is the right place (or if anyone is actually reading this forum) but I am attending Origins this year, and its my first time since before the pandemic I've been able to attend.  I've been a shadowrun player in the past, love the system and wanted to use Origins to get to play.  I noticed there are a lot of shadowrun events, are those living campaign missions?  If so, where can I find the rules for character creation for a living campaign?  The old website seems to be defunct also.  Could someone kindly point me to where to get started and if there is still a living Shadowrun ecosystem at Origins?

Thanks a ton!


Catalyst is having a limited presence at Origins this year, with a limited Demo Team presence as well. There are a lot of Shadowrun Missions (the living campaign setting) listed, as well as "Build a Runner" workshops through the convention.

Catalyst announcement: link

Origins Missions Events: link

Thanks.  So those Shadowrun missions are living?  Bummer about the limited Catalyst presence at Origins.  I hope that is not a sign of trouble for Catalyst.
 I am familiar with the game, and have the rules, so I don't know that I need a "build a runner" workshop, just the rules (like what's banned, any differences for living character creation vs. the book, etc.) so I can mull over my character ahead of the event.  They used to be a download, but I can't find it anymore.  Any chance you have a link?

Thanks chummer


Here's the latest information for Shadowrun Missions.


Fastjack has you all setup with the link, but figured I would fill in the gaps.

Yes, all of the official CDT events are all part of the Missions living campaign.
Yes, CGL will nit be in attendance.. has nothing to do with the company struggling in anyway. They have chosen to attend another con to expand their influence.
However the CDT will be in full attendance... especially for Shadowrun


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