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Popular Cybernetics
Holostreets' Popular Cybernetics is the collection of all the cybernetics from 1st  through 5th  edition shadowrun books and creates a history of technological progress over the decades. It includes cyberware that was not included in the 5th edition books, helpful rules in using cyberware in different decades, and some ways to customize your cyberware that voids the warranty.
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From 1st to 5th, there were over 300 cybernetics introduced. This does include cybernetic ratings for some cybernetics. Some become obsolete, merging with other technology. Others fell through the cracks of word count limits or simply forgotten. Things like eye band, drone hand, Kevlar bone lacing, implanted knuckle dusters, etc have been resurrected within Popular Cybernetics.  Popular Cybernetics includes a history with cybernetics explaining for example the evolution of the smart gun link as it moves through each edition.

About the Author
Adam Large is a freelance ttrpg author, writing for the last 3 shadowrun editions and 38 official shadowrun books. Popular Cybernetics is his 10th Ebook following the likes of Parazoology, Aetherology, and Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous.

Popular Cybernetics

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Now includes material from 6th Edition Body Shop.


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