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How would you create an adept hacker in 6E?

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--- Quote from: Hobbes on ---Cyberhacks from Hack&Slash (Starting on p. 33) are a thing now.  Sum to 10.  Attributes A, Resources C, Skills D, Magic D, Meta C.  Decent Cyberhack, mediocre cyberdeck, basic runner gear.  Would make a good AR hacker.

Normal Priority gets tight as you're kinda stuck with Skills E, but it's still workable.

--- End quote ---
The pixie has a cyber hack (Spinrad Falcon [R2, A/S 5/4, P4] w. Cyberhack [D2, F4] w. Cyberjack Initiative Booster [1], all programs, trodes), bit hard to justify sticking ware in someone that small!!  ...although re-reading that maybe I can't use the initiative booster, will need to go and re-read that in H&S rather than relying on my excel file :P  EDIT: yep, the booster is incompatible with the cyberhack, ah well  ::)

I've noted that Song may need reworking now that Body Shop has introduced the used/omega ware sting in the tale with 'Bad Luck' ... that's an improvement for the better, although it's a bit of a blow for her :D

And the Cyberhacks still require an implanted data Jack and can't swap attributes.  Many limitations on them. 

The other thought is to simply cheese it and take an RCC and stick it in the PAN and swap in the D/F attributes from the RCC.  And then stick both the RCC and Cyberdeck in a small drone that hides within wireless range.

Especially on a Pixie as they'd essentially be wearing a Cyberdeck and an RCC or Cyberhack are both larger than a Pixie.  : )

Can you use trodes with a cyber hack?? If not the pixie concept might be a stretch ::) … I did put her in a mini rigger cocoon on an anthro drone, which also carried the cyber hack in a backpack with the deck :)

IIRC Cyberhack specifically calls out the need for an implanted Data Jack.

Damn… right again… well there goes a once reasonable concept lol…


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