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Whisper Nets Campaign Book is Out!

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Find it on Drivethrurpg here:

To anyone who has picked this one upů is there any crunch in it or is it background material, NPCs etc??


Monad PCs are in Whisper Nets.

Thanks Hobbes, will pick it up for that alone :)

Uhhhh, I highly recommend you don't pick it up for that alone.  I know you have a character creator to update, but these monad rules are bad.  They are broken, as in missing critical information to make it work, and they are badly made.

The PC monad rules are very similar to the NPC monad rules in Collapsing Now, with most powers being copy/pasted into this book as PC monad abilities.  They even copy/pasted an error where an "Intelligence + Con" test is called for.


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