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Astral ways- Tandorans (spoilers)

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For what it's worth, Simon Andrews is a Fixer in Missions and is clearly a T'skrang.  He's been around since 4rth edition.

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Officially he is SURGEd, if I recall correctly.  (also pretty sure that he dies at the end of the Chicago missions, which is a shame because he was a great NPC)

Officially Simon is still in 6th edition Missions.  The exact endings of the Chicago arc vary from game to game depending on how the last couple Missions shake out.

Late to the party I know...

I'd like to input Tandorans onto my excel generator, but not sure where to place them with regards to Adjustment points and I'm not sure it's clear?!?  I was going to put them in the same category as elves as that seems to work but was wondering if there was a more official view?!?




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