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Why the Amazonia Map 2072 didn't print Recife city? This city is the second more important city of northeast of Brazil. In this map prints Joao Pessoa and Aracaju. They are small cities.

Where was this map from? 

(2072 was a while ago, so the odds are good that the people who worked on the product either are not involved with the line anymore, or may not remember, but a starting point would be to identify the product that we are talking about.)

And purely guessing: whoever worked on it was not that familiar with Brazil, and it was just an oversight.  But of such things are great plots born -- you could decide that in your game something awful happened to the city, leading it to be mostly abandoned.  Perhaps there was especially bad VITAS that killed off a higher than usual portion of the population, and then a large outbreak of feral ghouls that made it so dangerous that many people (and jobs!) moved away.  Or maybe there was a toxic industrial accident.  Or for reasons that were never explained, the new lords of Amazonia ordered everyone to move out (to Metropole), leaving it as a ghost city.

The map is 6WA World Map Poster published at Amanach of Sixth World.

Thank You for your help, But It doesnt look like the mistake. The unique big capital that didnt appears was Recife. But, I would like that Catalyst review this mistake at sixth edition.


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