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Considerations as a GM for a pirate-themed campaign


I'm organizing a group for my third campaign, and have squarely decided on pirates being awesome.

(if you are one of my players, stop reading here)

I'm currently setting the game in 2055 and adapting 5e to it, which is going to make for home-brewing deckers, AR, and a lot of the wireless rules but I think it will make many of those complex aspects simpler (and I am fortunate to have a few experienced players to help with this). 2055 in particular works well with this campaign due to how abundant military activity, supplies, etc were in the world at this time and it's going to make for some great action set-pieces in my head.

In general, the campaign will visit different locations, conduct a few runs / pirate escapades, and then move onto the next location as the plot demands it.

What things might I want to consider from a GM's perspective? I am reading the 2e book, Cyberpirates, front to back for inspiration and will draw many themes from it. Wanting to make it very vehicle-focused, so chase rules and other things are going to be expanded on. I also want to provide them with a boat that has a lot of upgrade capacity but doesn't completely restrict them in terms of movement, something like a home-brewed EVO Waterking.

Thanks all! (also still looking for a few players if you want to check out my post on r/ShadowrunLFG

The german Shadowrun publisher released a 2050 sourcebook for 5e. While Catalyst released the same 2050 book with 4e rules. Both books use the same text, both fluff and crunch, in case you need an english translation of the german book.


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