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Hey chummers,

We have an updated Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide. We have the inclusion of one new book: Hack and Slash. In addition to the new book, we gathered together lists of your questions and added these to the Guide. Included are examples of applying the +4 maximums, clarification on the differing costs between covens, and more. Upgrade your technomancer, decker, or AI with the tools and tricks located in Hack and Slash!

Stay safe in the shadows!

Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide 1.8:
Character Journal:

Interesting, I would love to know the rationale behind some of these bans :

Custom cyberdecks (and are they totally banned?  There was no "but you can buy them" caveat)
Quick Config
Jack Jockey

And why was the Electronics + INT roll chosen for Subvert Infrastructure over Electronics + LOG, when Electronics + LOG is the pair normally associated with controlling devices?

So the custom cyberdecks just falls in line with custom foci, data structures, and vehicles. We definitely looked at whether we could bring them in, but felt they still just work better for a home game.

Loner: It's the wild die, but not the wild die. If this gets errata'd it might come in.
Quick Config: It's an Edge, but with the fact it costs 3 means that it is temporary Edge per SRM guide rule. So you gain a temporary Edge, but you aren't currently in an action, so that Edge would just disappear.
Jack Jockey: I expect this one to get errata'd. The third thing it does would normally require Owner permissions, and of the two other benefits, if it was one or the other, it would be fine.

For Subvert Infrastructure, I talked with the author who clarified the intention that it was meant that the decker/TM was intuitively adjusting the devices.


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