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Shadowrun offline in Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley, Weeknights 7p-11p


I'm just tired of roll20! I've run 2 5e campaigns and ~100 sessions and am ready to organize something in-person.

I've got 2 3d printers and have lots of modular terrain, mini's, dice, etc.

I'm in Granada Hills and could make a commute 30 minutes to do this, that'd be up to Santa Clarita, west to Woodland Hills, south to North Hollywood or east to Burbank.

Hi there I'm in an SR6 in-person game group starting up in Santa Monica looking for players. Games will probably be on Friday or Saturday nights every two or three weeks. If you're interested drop me a line and tell us more about yourself.

Hey Chummers,

Lookin for players in the Los Angeles area for an ongoing tabletop Shadowrun Sixth World campaign. The GM has many SR editions worth of experience and brings the dynamically magical and futuristic world of Shadowrun to life with gritty and real cyberpunk-style storylines and by developing the player characters as well bringing the NPCs in the world to life.

If you're interested send the GM an email here and he'll fill you in on the rest.


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