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New PC looking to get into PbP (6E)

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I try and make my games as newbie friendly as I can, it helps me to include rules references and spell out what is going on with dice rolls etc as much as possible. Pbp isnít quick but that has the advantage of allowing plenty of time to research actions.

If youíre interested, skim through the Dark Dreams Story thread, get yourself an RPG Crossing user name and then come up with a character concept and we can take it from there :)

There is still dice rolling in PBP!  How that is handled in PBP varies by the site being used:

On RPGCrossing (where Aria's games are currently) there is a built in dice roller utility.  It will take a few uses to get used to the syntax, but basically you include the roller code in your post, and when you save it then it includes the results of the roll. 

Other sites that don't have that built in usually use a dice roller site like and paste in the linked results.

And yes, on some runs it can still feel like "the dice love me / hate me" :p


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