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New PC looking to get into PbP (6E)

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Hoping to see if anyone is interested in helping out an SR newbie who wants to learn play by post. Able to join Discord servers. I don't have any reliable blocks of time to play a real game, and I really want opportunities to get into fiction writing. Hit me up, and thanks in advance!

I’ve got an SR6 game on RPGCrossing that has 4 active players but we’ve just lost another player so there’s a slot free… we’re just about to leap into the action so you’ll have missed the intel gathering bit, such as it was… if that sounds vaguely interesting then check out

For info we have a technomancer, adept rocker, adept fighter and a rigger so you can probably take on any archetype, although I’d steer away from matrix user…

Aria has been running games for years, so if you are interested in ongoing play it is pretty good to get hooked into their games.  When one wraps up the next one is generally already announced and coming together. 

And this particular run is during the black-out in Toronto (taking the setting from 30 Nights, but not the adventure), hence the not suggesting a matrix based character, as there is not much in the way of matrix.  (The Technomancer is there for story/character-historical reasons).

I'm interested! Is it newbie friendly, and is there still a dice rolling aspect to the game? I guess I'm just curious how it all works and I'm open to learning, if someone is open to teaching.


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