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6E: Quick Draw Sheath vs Quick Draw Scabbard


What is the difference between the Quick Draw Sheath (Firing Squad pg 67) and the Quick Draw Scabbard (Firing Squad pg 73)?

Michael Chandra:
Quick-draw is normally limited to pistol-sized weapons and small throwing weapons. The Scabbard allows you to quick-draw ANY melee weapon. The Sheath gives you a Minor Action when you quick-draw, but the weapon must already allow for quick-drawing it.

For example, if I want to quick-draw a one-handed sword, I need either the Scabbard or Iaijutsu training.

Melee Quick-Draw Sheath seem to hold any(?) type of melee weapons and provide a bonus Minor Action when used, but it doesn't seem as if it on its own allow you to take the actual quick draw action. Unless perhaps the melee weapon happen to be pistol sized or otherwise allowed to be quick drawn by default anyway.

Having said that, the Weapon Flash 2-edge action let you to take the Quick Draw Minor Action for any melee weapon (and if used together with a Melee Quick-Draw sheath you would even get the Minor Action back). And the Martial Art Technique Iaijutsu let you do something similar as long as you limit yourself to weapons small enough to be wielded in one hand.

Quick-Draw Scabbard, on the other hand, allow any melee weapon to be quick drawn in itself (where each scabbard is for a specific melee weapon), but then again, unlike the Quick-Draw Sheath - it doesn't provide any bonus minor action.

This is awesome, thank you both!

Michael, that makes a lot of sense.

Xenon, the first paragraph seems like it's a way to gain an extra Minor action with a normal weapon draw. :D

Thanks again!


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