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So SREZ will officially be coming to Kickstarter in the Fall (date TBA). And CGL has an earlt proof copy on display at Gen Con! So excited to finally get to show it off a bit,

For those wondering what this is, it's a relaunch of the old Shadowrun Trading Card Game released by FASA in 1997. We've taken that and redesigned, added some new art and new cards, and turned it into an Upgradeable Card Game rather than a Collectible one. What does Upgradeable mean?  Well, each release comes with a full play set of all the cards in that set, and you can add that to your collection to build and customize decks with!

The concept of the game is that you earn nuyen, hire runners, equip them with gear, and make shadowrubs against Objectives you and your opponent(s) will have in play, trying to overcome or defeat any Challenges they play on that Objective. Each Objective is worth a varying number of Reputation points, and once you reach the Rep goal for the game (set by the players), you win!

There's been a few cards shown off over the past few months, little teases, but with the game on display at Gen Con, the Boss has given me the green light to show off some cards.

I'm also currently running polls all weekend on my twitter so folks can vote on what types of cards they want a preview of. Head over and vote:

The boards giving me fits trying to link or post images, so best I can do are links.

GC Display 01
GC Display 02
GC Display 03
GC Display 04
Johnny Banger
Reese Frenzy
Fairlight Excalibur
Program: Crash
Location: Sid's Pit

Stinger - Green Apple Quicksteps

Uh very nice!  Do you plan to publish it also in Europe?

The Tekwych:
Still have an almost complete set of the original cards. Looking forward to this new version.

Lewis Greywolf:
I'm 3 short of a full set. We need to start up a trade forum.


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