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6E: Is a cyberjack almost manadtory for every runner?

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Hi everyone,

I was looking over matrix defense, and it seems like comlinks can no longer provide the matrix defense needed for a runner with ware or other personal items.  Is it almost mandatory for a shadowrunner to have at least a rating 1 cyberjack to get a decent matrix firewall?

Thanks for your help!

Most members of the team will likely just use a regular commlink and then instead slave their entire PAN to the technology specialist of the team to form a bigger network that is utilizing mental attributes of the team's technology specialist and the firewall rating of their PAN while defending against matrix threats. Some technology specialists (like drone operators and vehicle riggers etc) will probably use a RCC rather than a cyberdeck (and get their firewall ratings from there) while others (such as deckers) will probably get a cyberjack.

Michael Chandra:
Use a Decker or Rigger to slave to, have the team share the costs for an RCC operated by a smart character, use a Weapon Commlink, run silent and just hope you won't run into an enemy hacker, or be very careful in general and don't have risky gear run wireless when you're in a potential hackable situation.

Remember that networks in SR6 can now have sub-nets. Hook all your gear to your Commlink then connect the commlink to the decker's network for protection.

Sixth edition matrix rules allow you to rotate (non-zero) matrix attributes through your persona. When you want to emphasize matrix defense, you can swap data processing and firewall on a Transys Avalon commlink to make the firewall almost competitive to a rating 1 cyberjack. At substantial cost savings: lower price and zero essence loss. Commlinks also support matrix programs (which cyberjacks per-se do not). You can use that to bump data processing back up after swapping attributes and to increase your matrix defense rating (via toolbox and armor).

Slaving gear to a tech specialists PAN is the preferred way to go. Still, tuning commlink resilience may provide a somewhat decent second line of matrix defense at low cost.


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