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--- Quote from: Typhus on ---I thought SR had a hydra critter?  Too lazy to go look it up in my old 2e books though.  I may be mis-remembering. 

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The "Hydra Wyrm" was in SR2 Paranormal Animals of Europe (p.60), SR3 Critters (p.33), SR4 Running Wild (p.92).


--- Quote from: Reaver on ---
The fearsome Juggernaut of  Shadowrun is... An awakened armadillo. Granted its a omnivorous 30 meters long armadillo with a nasty temper... but its still basically an armadillo!

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I object strongly to "basically".   Armadillos are basically roadkill.  A Juggernaut on the highway is a road closure, alive or dead.  And if you kill the Juggernaut on the road, you probably don't have much road left after the missile barrage.

And OP, if you want a "Mother of Dragons" in your Shadowrun world, you can have a "Mother of Dragons" in your Shadowrun world.  Don't know that I would go with the D&D version of Tiamat.  40k Void Dragon may be more appropriate given Dragons rumored origins.


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