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Local Gaming Stores & pdfs?


Hoi Chummers!

Is there any way to buy hard copies from the trusty local physical gaming shop and then getting the pdf that goes with it for free?

I know you can do this from the Catalyst store, so the 'pdf free' is a thing.

Would just like to support the local shops a bit :)
(maybe something like bits-and-mortar etc?)


I believe the official policy is still no. I hope someone may prove me wrong, though.

Unfortunately no, I wish Catalyst was part of Bit + Mortar, but if you want to get all in one, if you buy it from Catalyst store they sell PDF and book for one price, a bit more than book by itself, but cheaper than separate.

A quick note that at this moment Humble Bundle has almost all of the 6e books going for 18 bucks (US).  That is for all of them together,  not each one on its own.  So you can get all those PDF for almost nothing and then still support your local store.


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