Old Gear in the New Game

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« on: <06-14-22/1314:33> »
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on using gear from previous editions in 6e?

Here is my thought process:

Time has advanced from 5E to 6E in the Sixth World.  Cyberjacks are all the rage now, as it gives a decker more capabilities (Edge generation) in a smaller package (implant).  However, the "four stat" cyberdecks of yore should still be around, right?  So, if someone wanted to use an older deck that has all four stats instead of a new combo, would this be possible?  If so, how would you rule it (extra maintenance, easier to brick, higher availability, etc)?

This carries over to other gear, too, like using a Predator V or an older vehicle (not yet stat'd in 6E).  Same idea.  How would you convert vehicle and weapon stats over?  They (technically) still exist, right?

Thanks for your help!


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« Reply #1 on: <06-14-22/1341:45> »
In the case of a cyberdeck, SOTA obsolescence has to come into play in the fiction.  If they weren't too old, say before the advent of the cyberjack but otherwise recent, like 10 years old, I would cut high end decks down to entry level, and bleeding edge down to mid-range numbers.  Anything older than that I would just say they don't really work with the new matrix, beyond commlink-like functionality.  0/0/2/2 maybe.
I had a similar situation come up last week in fact, I had a run that involved a pre crash 2.0 legacy matrix system, and to get the data they had to acquire a legacy deck, so for fun it was a Fairlight Excalibur - the original model, from a private collection.  i gave it stats of 2/3/2/2 but even that was generous, it was just for a one-time thing so it didn't matter much.


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« Reply #2 on: <06-14-22/1356:23> »
Good idea, Ming.  However, I'm thinking of 5E gear in 6E, so it should work in Matrix 2.0.  Do you think Moore's law is in effect, so all of the current programs running are too much for the older decks?  In that case, should the price and stats be lowered on decks by half?  Would older comlinks even work?

How about other equipment?  All of those shinny new carbines in Street Lethal, do they no longer accept current ammo?  Should the ammo for any weapon be more expensive to use in those firearms?  It's only been 10 years.  There should be stockpiles of caseless ammo around.

Thanks for your help, BTW.

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The editions are similar enough that conversion is reasonably possible, but different enough that there's no easy way to do it.

easiest part is availability.  5e's stat should be halved, and of course R means L and F means I now.

Weapons are harder than most things, since they need AR ratings and you simply have to somehow intuit appropriate ratings from no-longer used attributes like accuracy and recoil compensation.  DVs can be halved, but even then you'll still end up with some examples being hands down better than 6e models.

Cyberdecks are uniquely difficult to translate, due to the onset of cyberjacks.  Even if you do convert gear from 5e sourcebooks into your 6e game, I'd still just leave cyberdecks alone.  Pre 6e cyberdecks are simply obsolete now, even without there being yet another entire matrix reboot.
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« Reply #4 on: <06-29-22/0813:50> »
Go really old school. Bring back implanted induction pads.


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« Reply #5 on: <06-30-22/1257:53> »
Deck naked!  Just toss your squishy brain out there to be hacked.