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"Forget the Crime Mall, I want to shop at the Krime Mall!" -- (player)


Welp, I guess that is going to be a thing now in my game, because that cracked me up.

It may not be officially affiliated with Krime, and if not, it may or may or may not be about to be  stomped by size 24 boots (size 56EU) as an unofficial copyright infringement complaint.

But somewhere in my game there is now something claiming to be "The Krime Mall" and we're gonna visit it.

Any suggestions on location, goings on, and odds of getting exploded?

Old Father Crime hears you.

SUNDAY!  SUNDAY!  SUNDAY!  Coming to a Sprawl near you!  The KRIME MALL!!!!   

A traveling demo of your favorite Krime products on display to try, order, and take home with you right from the show!

Live Music!  Beer Garden!   Rides!  Games!  The famous Krime Kitchen!  And check out the Kiddie Krime Activity Area for the little ones!


I love it!

Officially, Krime cannot officially in any way officially allow any officially illegal operation that officially sells officially "stolen" or "knockoff" Krime Products in any way in an official capacity.

Unofficially, Old Man Krime shows up virtually to "cut" the ribbon to open the place up, with security provided by the Sons Of Sauron, who got shiny new Krime Bills to keep the "peace" with.

*Ork Jake and Elwood Blues Drives Through Krime Mall*  "The new Krime Kars are in early this year!"


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