LFG in Northeast NJ or NYC

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  • LFG in Northeast NJ/NYC
« on: <05-08-22/1447:57> »

I live in Bergen County near Essex/Passaic/Hudson and I'm looking for a group meeting in-person in the area. If I can find a group in NYC that isn't too far from Penn Station I'm willing to jump on the train to come to game. I understand with the pandemic many groups might not be meeting in-person currently and I have no problem doing online meetups for the time being but when the pandemic is over I would much prefer in-person games and am looking local for that eventuality. If anyone is meeting up in-person currently that's fine too, I'm fairly well isolated, I don't have any issues wearing a mask, and I'm definitely NOT showing up to a game if I have symptoms.

My preference is toward 6e as it is the most familiar to me (I've played it more than other editions and I own the core book and have been paying attention to errata), but I am somewhat familiar with 4e and 5e and would consider playing those also. I am willing to learn anything older than 4e, though if I can find a group doing newer editions those would be my preference.

Let me know if there are any groups.

Thank you,