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SRM Guide 1.6 Released


Hey chummers,

We have an updated Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide. We have the inclusion of two new books: Lofwyr's Legions, and The Emerald City. In addition to those books, we gathered together lists of your questions and added these to the Guide. Included are guidance concerning the use of Edge for downtime activities and for results that span missions, and additional Edge uses. We took a look at what is limited by augmented maximums, status conditions, and some clarification on the gear in Firing Squad. As a bonus, we added in a new magic tradition for use in SRM.

Stay safe in the shadows!

Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide 1.6:
Character Journal:

Gosh, drakes disallowed?  Guess immunity to damage is a big deal after all.  ::)

Just keeping up the drake hating tradition of past editions. I blame Lofwyr for forcing me to do that. Can't have random drakes running around.

Michael Chandra:
Sorry chummers, Saeder-Krupp told us that for every Drake allowed to play SRM, we had to write a run featuring Simon Andrews. The writers tapped out after two.

And tanks to TalonZorch, here is the German translation:


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