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Shadowrun storylines adapted to different frameworks?


I have little acquaintance with all of you, but I have no companions in my room playing Shadowrun. All mine play Homemade Libation, Dim Apostasy (I GM), Pathfinder, or D&D, with a few short jumps into different frames at once. Not many of them are particularly inspired by Shadowrun.

An idea popped into my head a day or two ago while reviewing my old Shadowrun books (and seeing Best Shadowrun Crusade Chain). The General Fellowship storyline, the Arcology Closure, the Extended Period of the Comet / Winternight... These are fantastic missions with depth and... That extraordinary something you get when a story just stutters. Overall I can't get my companions to try them as they aren't hungry for Shadowrun.

Things as is, if I can't carry the players to Shadowrun, maybe I can carry Shadowrun to the players? I'm currently looking at an interpretation of the All Inclusive Fellowships line of action for D&D as this segment of fellows/players is currently the most open to new stories.

My current arrangement involves building the system for a dystopian dream city, a fairly large city for some monstrous ghetto problems. All (or practically all) characters will live here, whether they were born there, moved there, and so on.


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