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Has anyone made a character they think is decent in 6E which didn't have Attributes as Priority A?  I've been trying, and the best I could come up with is a "man in the van" hacker/rigger.  I suppose a similarly built Astral Projection Conjurer could work, and a maybe a Str, Chr, Log 1 Gun Specialist, but that's a maybe.  I'm not looking for suggestions on how to improve the build, I'm just showing it to demonstrate how I was able to build a character that could be a functional member of a runner team, and what it took (5 Attributes at 1).  And yes, I know that making a character with a 7 Logic Incompetent at Biotech is a self-nerf, but I figured it added to his "there is no reason for me to ever get out of my van" schtick.

Metatype   c   Dwarf-9
Attributes   d   8
Magic/Res   e   Mundane
Skills           b      24
Resources   a   450K

Edge: 4 Essence: 2 Initiative: 5+1d6 Matrix Initiative(base config): 12+4/5d6(cold/hot)

Skills: (all specializations and Inf/Con bought with Karma)
Electronics   5 Matrix +2
Engineering 5      
Cracking 6   Hacking +2
Pilot 5 Drones +2
Perception   3      
Influence 1 Matrix +2
Con 1 Matrix +2

Positive: Analytical Mind 3, Hardening 10, Photographic Mem 12
Negative: Uncouth 6, Social Stress: IRL 8, Incompetent: Biotech 10

Used Control Rig R1   15000   1.1
R4 CyberJack Attr:7/6 VRInit:+2d6   95000   2.3
R2 Cerebral Booster   63000   0.6
Alpha Damage Compensator R10   24000   0.8
Renraku Kitsune DR:4 Attr:7/6 Pro:8   107000   
8 normal programs, 9 hacking programs   2730   
Essy Motors DroneMaster DR:3 DP:4 FW:4   16000   
Autosoft: Targeting 4 Clearsight 2 Maneuver 2   4000   
Van w/ Rigger Control   36000   
4 Nissan Oni 3/4 10 8 30 9 10 3 2(4)   34800   
8 AK-97 5P SA/BF/FA 4/11/9/7/1   16800   
8 internal smartgun 4/TGV 4w/LLV   8000   
2000 rnds AR ammo   4000   
Cyberspace Designs Quadrotor 2 15 20 120 3 1 3 2   5000   
Trid Projector   200   
R4 Fake ID, 5 R4 Lic   14000   
Middle Lifestyle 3 months   15000   
DocWagon Basic 3 months   1500   
3 area jammers R5   3000   
Bug Scanner, Tag Eraser, Data Tap   950   
2*Renraku Sensei 3 2/0 1   2000   
2*Satellite Link   1000   
Fiber-optic Cables   420   
Engineering & Electronics Kits   1000   
Medkit R2 2 supplies, Biomonitor   1800   
3 rank 4 stim-patches   300   


--- Quote from: tarbaand on ---Has anyone made a character they think is decent in 6E which didn't have Attributes as Priority A?
--- End quote ---

Between special attribute points and 50 customization karma you can can build characters in more than one way.
Attribute Priority A is probably still advisable/optimal, but not really mandatory.

Particularly for mysads... they almost NEED magic A, the one archetype that really does.  Despite what they lack in starting power they've got massive growth potential in longer term games

Cyber heavy characters can work with Resources A because that is where they get their stats from.

There are others...

Shinobi Killfist:
It probably depends on your tables definition of decent. The problem started in 4e.

1. Attributes became more important.
2. they added two stats.
3. they did not really adjust points to compensate for either.

But if you leave multiple 1s and use karma to bump them a bit and have augmentations, yeah i think you can make a decent character.  You'd make a better one with A in stats most likely. But like it would still hang in there and do decent on runs. At a table of optimizers though, I don't think it would work well outside some odd builds like the van hacker.


--- Quote from: tarbaand on ---WILLPOWER: 7 LOGIC: 5(7) INTUITION: 5

--- End quote ---
Sounds like you want Attributes A without taking Attributes A.

It's true that high attributes matter a lot. Maybe too much. But it's not true you can't be viable without having two attributes at 7.

Although I do agree that the lower priority options for attributes could probably use a bit of a boost.


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