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5e, thirsty for a game, the need is strong.


I have been a fan of this game and setting for 20 years.  I own 5th, have made a few characters and played a couple one shots. 

I need a campaign.  I need to inhabit a character and let it grow.  Does anyone need another player? 
I'm free every day from 8am-4pm Eastern, sadly I work evenings. Monday and Tuesday are my only evenings off and each of those has a D&D game alternating every other week.  So I could do a twice a month game on Mon or Tue.  I know that's a super small window and I'll honestly be surprised if I find a group that works with but I'm dying here.  If I don't make a deal with a dragon soon I'm just going to have to go to Chicago.

When posting times you should also note time zone, that helps too

I have a bi-weekly game on Tuesday's and are looking for a couple of players. Our next session is on the 29th, does that fit with your other bi-weekly?

We play 7.30pm - 11pm PST.

This game is also a co-GM situation, so myself and 2 other players are having turns at running the games. I've been GMing SR5e for about 4 years and the other 2 are fresh on GMing SR but have experience running D&D and other games. We're big on the narrative and roleplaying side of things. You can DM me on Discord I'm phalse#1637



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