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MCT Gnat - pack of ten?

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The MCT Gnat drone is specified as being "sold in packs of ten". Does the listed price of 800 include 10 drones, or just one with the "packs of ten" mention just being fluff?

After a re-read I think the 800 nuyen price can't possibly be for 10 drones when compared with the other fliers and therefore the pack of ten must be fluff <hurries off to correct excel generator file>

I don't like the gnat drone.  The fluff says its "slow" but its top speed is double a metahuman sprint.

However, what part of "sold in packs of 10" makes you think the listed price is for one drone?

Mostly because 80 nuyen for a practically invisible drone is too good (compared to similar drones at ~1K each!)... but that's me with a GM hat on

Sold in packs of ten is fluff text, cost is each.  Ammo is sold per 10 rounds and is clearly noted, every other cost in the CRB is each.  My RAW reading anyway.


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