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Miles Lanier: disappearance and return


How much is known about the story of, and reasons behind, Miles Lanier's disappearance in 2073/2074? When did he disappear, when did he return, and what did he do in the mean time?

A few things I've pieced together:

* In Corporate Intrigue (2073 or 2074, though claims 2073) he hires the runners to secretly infiltrate and investigate Celedyr's lab in Wales.
* Late 2074, he has CFD and posts about it on Jackpoint (Storm Front)
* According to, he researched anything related to CFD and e-ghosts and discovered a bunch of relevant projects (Lockdown, which I don't have yet)
I also came across a reference somewhere (I forgot where) that he left NeoNET because he feared his CFD personality might abuse his position. But that was probably after 2074?

Anything else? When exactly did he disappear? Did he return to the public at some point? Back to NeoNET?

And during his disappearance, did he only investigate Celedyr? Did he do more? Was being able to investigate Celedyr the primary reason for his disappearance or was it something else? I feel like there should be a lot more.

I just stumbled across this amazing CFD timeline which claims Miles Lanier hires the runners all the back back in March 2073:

That's a bit earlier than I expected, though I guess such dates are always flexible.

Not much else about Miles, though.


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