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Casualties from closing the Rift


I've just realised that various sourcebooks contradict each other about the casualties from the events when Ghostwalker closed the DC Rift.

In State of the Art, Hestaby says in her speech to the UN (a mere days after the event) that 600 are dead, 2000 injured and 350 missing.

In Conspiracy Theories, set a few months later I think, under the header of the Black Lodge and IOND (p 53), it mentions 480 killed and 600 missing.

Is either of these more official than the others? Are there any other books that refer to these events, contain news stories about them, etc?

Artifacts Unbound goes into all of this. The Dawn of the Artifacts series lead up to this run. Hope that helps!  :)

I don't think it goes into the number of casualties, though, does it? I'm actually looking for news items and other texts in later books referring back to these events.


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