SR6 CRB 3rd print: Cyberdecks and RCCs

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This (additional bonuses for jumping in and drone control) is pretty much what the RCC already do. It let you jump between devices without first jumping out, share autosofts to devices that are part of your PAN, reduce noise for your devices that are part of your PAN, command multiple drones at the same time in the same action etc. etc.
You're right.  What I was really referring to by 'bonuses when you're jumped in' were the bonuses currently conferred by the VCR... dice pool bonus, threshold reduction, whatever else that would make sense for wheelman functions.  The 'riggerjack' would be the wheelman expertise ware. 
These four devices would get balanced to create interesting choices.  You could make a persona with (cyberdeck or RCC) + (cyberjack, riggerjack, commlink).  Regardless of choice, your persona will have A/S attributes because IMO those are necessary to perform the tech specialist's network defense function.  It sounds like Double Clutch is solving this by giving RCC users special exceptions with new gear or actions, but if network defense is a basic function then it's better design to make it work the same for deckers and riggers, and leave the special exceptions to the decker/rigger defining rules.  So, Probe and Back Door would be linked to cyberdecks instead of Sleaze, and maybe others. 


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I think there is some sort of balance there already:

Everyone that are not deckers or drone operators will probably access the matrix via a regular commlink (budget)
Most of them will gain their DNI from wearing trodes (budget + low essence) or implanting a datajack (budget).
Some might install a cyberjack (access to matrix edge actions, faster and also give them high firewall to defend networks)

Cyberdeck is defining for 'deckers' (hacking, attack, stealth and access to edge actions)
Some deckers might use a commlink and either wear trodes or implant a datajack (budget, but also low essence which is good for adepts)
Most dedicated deckers will instead get a cyberjack (faster in VR and also let them properly defend networks)

Control rig is defining for 'riggers' (can jump into a single vehicle or drone)
Some riggers will just use a regular commlink or just directly connect to their vehicle without first accessing the matrix at all (budget).
A few riggers will also at the same time be deckers (using a cyberdeck + cyberjack or commlink + control rig)

RCC is defining for 'drone operators' (controlling multiple vehicles and drones, but also provide high firewall to defend networks)
Almost all drone operators will at the same time also be riggers (RCC + Control rig = excel at jumping between multiple vehicles and drones).
In addition to this, some drone operator riggers will also get a cyberjack (faster in VR and while jumped in, and also gain access to matrix edge actions)
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Just reading through the Double Clutch (or rather: Vollgas, the german version). As far as I can tell, the supplement is doing a good job here: There´s a set of new Rigger Softs that grant the some Decker functionality, like hiding in the Matrix, evading tracking attempts, or manipulating streetlights, but all without stepping too much on their toes.

Yeah, the bonus dice for VR init ought to really cause cyberjacks to look more attractive.

Hell yeah! They can even be an attractive choice for wheelman/dronejockey Riggers that prefer the thrill of jumping in and doing shit themselves. Instead of buying multiple Drones, an RCC and Autosofts, you put your nuyen into a Cyberjack, a better Control Rigg and just 1-2 fully decked out Drones or Vehicles.

And probably a good Doc Wagon Contract, because you will get nosebleed a lot  ::)   
Ok, there´s also a new Augmentation that gives Initative dice to jumped-in Riggers at a cheaper price tag  ::)