6E SRM Builds - Optimized

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« on: <08-17-21/1853:58> »
Going to Gencon, and playing two games of SR with my best friend.  It's on me to craft some whacky characters for Missions play.  What are some of the optimized crazy builds you've made \ found in SR6 ?  Super Absorbent Troll with 30 Soak is out it looks like. 

I've run across a Melee Brawler build that looks fun (But super slow in Initiative for a combat beast)


You need A attributes and B magic. You need to be an ork - this is mostly because you need 7 strength to make full use of Hardening.

For attributes, you need max agi, max magic and 7 str! Everything else is up to you. You are likely going to want a half-decent body, reaction and intuition.

Qualities are again, up to you. I recommend long reach!

Now for the nitty gritty. You need to get some cyberware. Specifically, Hardening, in both legs (so as to not totally cheese). This will drop your magic by 1. This is worth it.

Put all 5 points of Adept powers into critical strike. Then, head towards your nearest copy of Firing Squad and learn yourself some Jeet Kun Do. You're gonna want the techniques Iron Limb, Kick Attack, and Flying Kick, and probably Neija so as you can kick spirits if you feel like it.

Here's your breakdown!

Base damage: 4 (Hardening with STR at 7)
Critical Strike: 5
Iron Limbs: 1
Kick Attack: 1
Flying Kick: 2

Voila! A nice, juicy 13 unarmed damage, totally legal at char gen! (Even without firing squad, you can get up to 9, which beats a panther cannon by 2. Woof.)

Crafted By: Ignorimus

What else have you crazy munchkins come up with ?
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« Reply #1 on: <08-18-21/0434:27> »
I am confused by this post.

At first it seem as if you are asking for SRM builds (btw 30 soak is no longer a thing in this edition).
But then then you reply to yourself with advice for a SRM build...?

Do you want us to rate the build you suggested or....?

As I said, I am a bit confused :p


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« Reply #2 on: <08-18-21/0711:00> »
My interest in 6e is basically none, so I don't think I am up to date on the latest releases or SRM rules, but I posted a troll soaker some months ago that was pretty ridiculous. Do a site search under my name for Fat Larry, should be fairly easy to find.
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« Reply #3 on: <08-19-21/1819:06> »
Mean Right Hook, the Martial Art reduces the Edge Maneuver Knock out Blow to a single point of Edge.  Really once you're doing 8 or 9 DV in melee you don't need more damage.  You'll one-shot whatever with a point of Edge.  Or if you've got enough of a dice pool, you'll one shot Mooks without spending the Edge and just KO Lts. and Bosses. 

And I'd suggest the Bioware Bone Augmentation for your increased DV, lets you dump Str if you want.  Go Delta, you're worth it.

Shark or Thunderbird for your Mentor Spirit.

Long Reach, 3 levels Increased Reflexes so you can move and Punch two targets within 10 M of each other.

DV 4 from Bone Augmentation, Iron Limbs and Kick Martial Arts (Flying Kick has a Minor action requirement IIRC?), gets you to 6 DV.  2 levels of Critical Strike and you're at the one shot threshold for Knock out Blow for even tough opposition.

Frees up a lot of resources for whatever else you do besides kick people in the head.

A no-augmentation Adept is 2 DV behind but has more PP, so winds up in the same place, just different.

Mundane characters should probably go with a weapon and use Precise Strikes and a high Str.

And the Knock Out Blow engine doesn't need a high Edge if you're short on points.