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spells for the online spell book


here are a few suggestions I have

Proposed spells for the online grimoire.
Range    type   duration   DV
Touch      P           S         2+     
The spell grants limited harden armor upon the target. Each success adds 1 level of harden armor, up to a max of 4 levels. Dragonscale works the same as the critter power harden armor. Any successes after the first one used to boost the target increases the drain.

Range    type  duration   DV
Touch      P           S        4
The spell casts an illusion of the target standing near its actual location. The target itself is considered invisible for visual perception only. Each success add to the defense test. This spell effects all visual senses, but not hearing, touch, smell, or other senses that do not rely solely on vision. A max of 4 successes is allowed.

Fast forward
Range    type   duration   DV
Touch      M           S        4
This spell speeds up the target, by multiplying the targetís current speed by the number of successes plus 1. So 1 success is equal to 2, 2 times 10 meters a turn becomes 20 meters per turn, for example. For every 2 successes, a minor action is gained. Max number of successes allowed is 4. There is only so much the metahuman body can take.


Digging into the recipes...

- Manipulation (1 DV)
- Affect Living Being (1 DV)
- Harden (1 DV per net hit)
So this should be 3+ if you accept any hits.

Is this Double Image (SW pg 36) + Invis?

Fast Forward
- Health (2 DV)
- Affect Living Thing (1 DV)
- "Improve Attribute" to represent the minor actions gains (1 DV per net hit)
- "Affect Speed" to represent the old movement power (1 DV)

My $0.02 with no insult intended, those spells either just duplicate existing spells or are strictly better versions of already existing spells. Then again that is my whole problem with the make your own spells formulas to begin with.

Yeah, build your own spells will be problematic for us mission gms.

Yeah, dragonscale should be 3+

I looked these as spirit abilities that maybe a mentor spirit taught to their mage or shaman


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