[6E] Background Count?

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Just wondering how you are dealing with this in game (assuming it has been used at all)... Mana surges are pretty easy to explain... druid at Stonehenge, your mojo gets a boost... but what about mana ebbs, now that they are aspected to a tradition?  Before BC affected everyone equally, despair or fear (etc) pervading the astral hampering mana.  Now there doesn't seem to be a general version (unless I've missed something)?

Thoughts appreciated :)
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I like to think of 6e mana flows/mana ebbs as being aspected by tradition, rather than to any singular tradition.

The distinction being: an ebb can apply to all traditions, or to all traditions except X... in addition to only applying to X.   

Outer space: mana ebb applies to all traditions, aka universally.

A radioactive landfill: mana ebb might apply to all traditions other than Toxic.

A Hogwarts style school library: might simultaneously be a mana flow for Hermetic Tradition, and a mana ebb for all traditions of faith.

A place of worship once consecrated to one religion, now consecrated to another: could be a mana ebb of tradition of faith of the displaced religion
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I really dislike 'one tradition disadvantaged', 'all' or 'all but one' is way better imo.
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