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Question for the legacy players, but first a few details...

Back when the novels were in hard copy I had little space for more books, so making up for lost time... Currently read Wolf and Raven. Then my mind started working
and a character concept came to me, similar to the Ghost Rider comics. Anyway... Character details aside, that's a whole other can of worms to tackle. Is there anything
alluding too or flat out stating the current status of these characters? Raven would obviously still be around but what about Wolf and Kid Stealth?

Trying to get a timeline established for the character concept.

I confused allot of people with this one.  :P

Michael Stackpole contributed "Wolf and Raven" short stories to the World of Shadows and Drawing Destiny anthologies, both published in 2016 (mid-2070s on the Shadowrun timeline).

Lets try rewording this a bit.

The Three Characters. Wolfgang Kies, Dr. Raven, Kid Stealth. Currently I am reading Wolf and Rave, I am not sure if there are more books for these  characters or not. I will look.

The question is. From an (In-game stance, character' perspective) Is there a current status on these characters as they stand in the game setting?

Scratch that... Off too seek better source.

Wolf got rabies, Raven got distracted by shiny things and stayed in Vegas, Kid Stealth rusted away.   ;D


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