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Slip Streams inside cover map


I splurged on the hard copy version of Slip Streams (feeling a bit bad for not having supported my figs lately).  Inside the front and back cover  is a map of sorts.  It looks like a harbour city, with a lot of plots of what are probably recovered land ringing the harbour.

Anyone here looked at it and recognized the city?

I have the PDF, but my local game store doesn't have the hardcopy yet (another week or two, they say) and the endsheets aren't included in the digital version. Maybe if you posted a picture?

Sir Ludwig:
I have a hard copy as well, traveling and will take a look when I get home.  IIRC it's called out some where in the text of the book.  However, don't hold me to that, been jumping between several of the 6th books lately. 

At least for now, the image is here.  (phone camera picture, very slightly cropped around the edges and with some light/filters work to make it easier to make out in the picture.  I.E. not entirely faithful to the original colours)


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