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Baldur Gate 3 early access: Don't waste your time.

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--- Quote from: adzling on ---Sounds like they brought Catalyst on to develop this game...
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Thanks.  I can feel the love.  No, really.  I can.  Right in my chest.


No, wait, that's heartburn, never mind.


--- Quote from: Reaver on ---This is NOT Baldur's Gate 3.   Its Divinity 3....Which is NOT a DnD game  nor a DnD system.

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That's sad, I loved BG 1 & 2.
True classics.

Are the first traps you are talking about in the room with the imps, on the Illithid ship at the start of the game? If so, there's a few things to watch out for:

* The purple jars you see scattered about are extremely combustive; melee attacks, and certain spells like fire bolt (but not sacred flame, oddly enough) will set them off. I started using those top help clear out the imps, by letting them get close to some and then detonating them.
* Many, MANY things on that ship are explosive or otherwise damaging; the game gives you a bare hint of this with the "tadpole" vat right at the very start. Off the top of my head, I remember accidentally hitting one of the sacs hanging from the ceiling that was directly above an imp, rather than the imp itself, due to the camera angle. Because of that, I spread a highly caustic liquid all over my character and the area she was moving through.
Trying to get a wizard through that starting area's final fight area was a lesson in extreme masochism; I ended up having to just dash the entire way through, ignoring the imps, to get to the transponder before the two additional Cambions showed up.  :-\

I was aware if the jars everyehere.
No, the trap (it it is a trap... as even a fucking thief character WITH perception can't find it). Is in the 2nd room, up top next to a chest that doesn't show up with the ALT key.
You have to get to it by jumping.

The first time i jumped to it, walked 1 step  BOOM! 45 damage. Game over.

Avoided it entirely the second time.
Third time I got the chest  no issues.
4th time  BOOM!! 61 damage....... (12hp character).

No warning. No perception test. Just fire, damage, game over.

So... is there a trap? You tell me as the fucking game won't ;(

Another gripe......

A fighter at lvl1 and the SAME fighter at lvl 3, with the SAME weapon has the EXACT SAME bab (+5)....... WTF????

A CLERIC at lvl1 has a Bab of +5. The SAME cleric using the SAME weapon as at lvl 1, but at lvl3 has a Bab of..... +7!!!!!!

The more I play, the more I drink, the more I spot the piss poor work of this "Timeless DnD reimagining".....

Bull fucking shit!!!
They just wanted a name they knew would pull in suckers like me. They had ZERO intention of making a "DnD forgotten Realms" game.....

They made Divinty 3. They just called it Baldur's Gate.... to get cash IMO. (And it worked. They got my cash which they wouldn't of otherwise)


--- Quote from: Reaver on ---They made Divinty 3. They just called it Baldur's Gate.... to get cash IMO.

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Now you know how I feel about srun 6e.


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