Baldur Gate 3 early access: Don't waste your time.

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« Reply #15 on: <10-11-20/0000:12> »
So BG3 is 5e so, they are right on no bonus spells.

So the attack bonus sounds odd. You should be Prof +2, Str +2= +4.

But you should have Cantrips. Toll of the Dead or Sacred Flame.

And the spell healing word

But yeah all that rest sounds totally terrible.

If your familiar with 5e DMG, you should start characters at 3rd. Before that your not really your class yet.

So imps have 10 hp, with invisibility, and damage resistance vs anything not silver. So Melee needs to do 20 damage to kill one. Spell wise they are immune to fire and resistant to cold, so I'd say your best bet is warlock up, and Eldritch blast them down. While your fighter distracts them and takes the dodge action. A Cleric with toll the dead with Healing word is actually a good option, but i'm its still pretty crazy.

OK, So I don't play 5e... 4e killed DnD for me as I was SO disgusted with 4e, I SWORE I would never buy an other DnD product again. And I have not...

But if everything you said is true... then that just goes to show you just how fucking FUCKED they made this game.....

On the other hand, Prepping the window frame for the new window took my mind off of just how epically BAD the fuckwit shit weasel developers have fucked up....

Worse then I thought... and considering at this moment if the Devs rand down the street on fire, I would get marshmellows, should tell you just how epcially they fucked up in my opinion...

Probably will end up doing an HARD pass on anything Larian touches in the future...
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« Reply #16 on: <10-11-20/0719:55> »
Just look at this as a good lesson opportunity for why early access (another term for not finished) should generally be avoided. The divinity line was excellent, so it's likely to be solid when it is actually ready as opposed to fake ready.

As far as the numbers you listed, some of that makes sense (imps will take 1/2 damage from non-silver weapons, so 1d6+2 becoming 1 is certainly possible), others don't.

I personally don't like DnD 5e. It is an excellent system for beginners, but isn't nearly dynamic enough for folks that like going deep with characters building. I much prefer Pathfinder 1st.
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« Reply #17 on: <10-11-20/1128:49> »
I hope the mouse/window thing is hyperbolic flair for your story, if not ouch that's expensive.

And yes in many ways they get the rules wrong and for no apparent reason.  Like they reduced the range of pretty much every spell, firebolt should have a range of 120' and do 1D10, here its 60' and does 1d6.  This is especially stupid as other damaging cantrips come with riders of some kind. Like chill touch one of my favorites does 1d8 range 60' but people hit by it can't heal for the next round making it a great anti regen spell.

The hex spell on the warlock has a duration of 1 hour at level spells it can get up to all day as a level 5 spell, it just ends once combat is over.

Some things I get like the wood elfs hide in nature ability(can't remember its name) if basically allows the elf to hide in natural terrain with less obscurement than is usually necessary. That would be hard to program so they just give the elf the stealth skill for free. As an aside the whole you need cover/concealment rules to hide in D&D I've always thought were dumb, its like they act like no one has ever snuck up behind them before. Just make a general statement the DM may determine that stealth is impossible in some situations.

While these are imps, I think they are fake imps as 2 1st level characters have no business fighting a pack of them. And the cambions showing up in that one fight is just retarded, hey the die rolls fucked you for 4 rounds straight at level 1, you die.

They give a nice big die roll animation for out of combat tests I want one for in combat. Because I don't think they are using a d20 for that.  I've had it say you have a 95% chance to hit. There is no reason I'd have advantage, I'm +5 to hit from my proficiency bonus and attribute so unless their AC is 6 or 7 that makes no sense. In fact I think they may have ditched the while adv/disadvantage mechanic and just applied flat bonuses and penalties. And the die rolls seem broken, I've critically fumbled 3 times in a row way too many times for it to seem a legit random die roll.

I got it pretty much so I could play the into before it got spoiled so often I was unable to avoid it. So I'm not disappointed as I think a lot of this will shake out in development. My issue or worry is too many Larion fanboys are playing it and not enough D&D players. The forums are just packed with people who give excuses for everything. But the entire point of the early access is for them to receive feedback, so they can correct. As an aside they apparently are starting with the evil NPCs joining your party in early access as they felt those would need the most feedback to get to work.


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« Reply #18 on: <10-11-20/1605:47> »
For the frustrated souls that want to play a DnD 5e game on PC, there is Solasta coming which incidentally has a nice demo before you have to jump into early access.
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« Reply #19 on: <10-11-20/1612:27> »
I want a Starfinder group so bad.

Mainly because trying to find a WEG Star Wars D6 game is next to impossible.
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« Reply #20 on: <01-16-21/2043:01> »
I feel like the critique is a bit harsh. Larian Studios was completely up front about the fact that the early access game was not a finished product, and that there would be glitches. The early access is, for all intents and purposes, a beta test, and the studio has been pretty on top of fixing glitches as they become aware of them. Which is a lot more than can be said about a lot of game studios (*cough* CDPR *cough*)
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« Reply #21 on: <01-17-21/0303:12> »
Hey as long as the finished product has Bard of the Blade College and Fey Warlock I am good.
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