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Thank you for your continued work and support on this!

Version 2.3.0

Brings a new one-page PDF sheet for beginners, which follows the design of the Beginner's Box and aims to be less intimidating to players new to roleplaying.

SR6-838 Correct handling of machine mind and FR control rig
SR6-829 Removing accessories doesn't refresh accessory screen
SR6-828 Allow more accessories into helmets
New Feature
SR6-836 Added german adventure collection: "Albträume"
SR6-834 Allow selecting a primary weapon (ranged and close combat)
SR6-799 New print plugin: Quickstart sheet
SR6-839 Add "Complex Forms" specialization to Electronics (SRM)
SR6-837 JSON: Mark primary close and ranged combat weapons
SR6-835 PDF: Sort weapons so that primary weapons are listed first
SR6-833 Add content from Datapuls SOTA 2082
SR6-832 Add content from Datapuls Alpen
SR6-831 Add content from SRM Guide 1.6
SR6-830 Add content from Datapuls DeMeKo

Thank you sir!

As development on Genesis has been slowed in favor of developing a new software based on a much more robust and flexible codebase, an unofficial plugin to tide everyone over in the meanwhile covering the Seattle chapter of the corebook, the 6th World Companion, and Hack & Slash has been released by Shenanigans:

Not all items have working game mechanics attached to them yet, and some may never have them for Genesis as they would require new functionality that isn't likely to be developed.


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