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Who has it?

Who has used it?

What did you think of the weapons?  Gameplay examples?

Has anyone even used any of the vehicles yet?

EDIT:  Because people have asked for this...

Krime Vester - Holdout
Krime Heater - Heavy Pistol
Krime Varmint - Heavy Pistol (SMG Size/Concealment if using provided Holster/Shoulder Brace)
Krime Chatter - Machine Pistol
Krime Tradition - SMG (Assault Rifle Size/Concealment, actually)
Krime Saint Nicholas Carbine - Carbine (Automatics Skill)
AKM-97 Assault Rifle - Assault Rifle
AKM-97 Carbine - SMG
Krime Ditch - Sniper Rifle/Shotgun (Longarms Skill For Both)
Krime Stopper-II - Sawed-Off Shotgun (Heavy Pistol/Pistols Skill, a cheap Remington Roomsweeper, effectively.)
Krime Junior Carbine - Rifle (Light Pistol Ammo, Heavy Pistol Ranges)
Krime Soldier (Rifle) - Sniper Rifle (Longarms Skill)
Krime Soldier (Grenade Launcher) - Grenade Launcher (Heavy Weapons Skill)
Krime KAR-97-H - Light Machine Gun
Krime Monster - Heavy Machine Gun
Krime Confederate - Assault Cannon
Krime T-Shirt Cannon - Special (Assault Cannon Size/Concealability, Heavy Weapons Skill)
Krime Escalation - Rocket Launcher (Heavy Weapons Skill)
Krime Calliope - Mounted Rocket Launcher (Gunnery Skill)
Krime Ripper - Dual-Light Machine Guns (Gunnery Skill)
Krime Carpet - Bombs (Gunnery Skill)

Wageslave (PMV)
Bazoo Basic (Small Sedan)
Bazoo Redline (Small Sedan)
Bazoo Chrome (Small Sedan)
Big Bazoo Basic (Off-Road Small Sedan)
Big Bazoo Redline (Off-Road Small Sedan)
Big Bazoo Chrome (Off-Road Small Sedan)
SV-2 “Crashtest” (Sports Car)
Prowler (Gang/Police Sedan)
DeTruck (Sports/Pick-Up Truck)
Dix (Halftrack, look it up)
Barco De Pesca (Fishing Boat)
Euskaldunak (Tankette/Small Van)

Michael Chandra:
I have it, I like it, but I don't have a current campaign so can't use them yet... ;_;

Don't know what I expected, but...   :'(

Michael Chandra:
The forum is more dead than the sheep. :-\

Sir Ludwig:
I got it,

I thought it was alright.  However the Gunner/Rigger, lost his mind on a couple things.  Louder and ammo mainly.  I would be interested to hear what others like or dislike.



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