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>>>>>[Not sure if they was SPD or not, since they weren't carrying IDs. As for disposal, I hear the ghouls aren't quite as hungry as they were last week.]<<<<<
     -- Bear (15:27:40/03-16-73)

>>>>>[No..No Bear I mean the poster... It was SPD not Bull.. Nevermind..

And I, at least, am quite hungry. None of SCTF in my stomach. BRB, Raiding my cages for a good meal.]<<<<<
     -- Chrona (20:01:07/03-16-73)

>>>>>[Bear, might want to get your Reality Filter checked.  I'm neither ork nor decker (nor bovine), just a broke down old retired Seattle Police Officer. I've been keeping my ear to the ground to see how the new top cops in town have been handling things. Lone Star was corrupt, but they were a familiar corrupt.  KE brings in a whole different level of play.
    From what I've heard, the KESCTF (Boy, that's a mouthful) has been working with that new A.D.A., Oaks, to crack down on organized crime. The Mafia's been muscling into the Yak and the Triad's turf in Downtown, and things have been getting bloody.  Supposedly the SCTF put a couple of their best undercover agents into play months ago, getting in with the Mob, and they both went dark over the last week or two.  Couple that with the rising body count, and sounds like somethings going down.]<<<<<
     -- SPD (18:42:17/03-16-2073)

>>>>>[kkzzZzZTT -at? Stoopid piec- zzZAAAzz -ckwork's gonna pay for selling me dre-KKZKZZZZZZzzzzzzz.... CONNECTION LOST -- PLEASE FORWARD ALL MAIL TO <missing tag>]<<<<<
     -- Bear (17:49:28/03-16-11)

[Teach me not to look at the post info...]

>>>>>[We lost an employee there also. He knew one of the sneaks, and went in to investigate. We pay for any info on his fate. I have nothing besides that... For now.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (20:21:11/03-16-2073)


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