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New Website at SRM Online!


Oy Chummers!

Over at Shadowrun Missions Online we have a new website! Our new location is so fresh, the paint is still drying on the plasticrete. So try not to ruin things so-ka?

But we ARE open for business! In-fact 6 new events have just been approved recently, these are the beginning of the SRM 2081 Missions Season, meaning 6th edition baby! WOO!
These missions are not mapped out yet in Roll20, but we thought that with so many conventions going online, we wanted to get some Shadowrun Missions events out there in the wild. These are the FIRST of MANY 6th edition offerings from us, and currently we are the only place you can get them!

For those of you who don't know who we are or what we do:
We are a group of Catalyst Demo Team agents who run 5th and 6th edition Shadowrun Missions Living Campaign games on our free time (which we seem to have a lot of lately...) We run our games through Discord for voice and text chat, as well as Roll20 for maps and combat. If your curious about anything drop by our discord server and chat with us!

If you guys are interested in getting some game time, earning some karma, and spending some nuyen come over to and check us out!


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