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UCAS is Dark


Hello guys,

I just bought a ticket for UCAS is Dark, is that missions legal??


Michael Chandra:
I suspect it doesn't count as a valid Mission for character advancement, since it's "a group of missions created by one of our gm's", so doesn't sound like an official SRM or CMP. I passed on the question to Raven just in case.

While Michael is correct in his statement above, it is being billed as a first-taste style mission. Therefore it eventually will and can count towards your missions character when we finally get around to putting out the FAQ.

Don't expect huge payouts, or contacts, or heat or anything along those lines, but there is no reason why you can't apply it to your character if you wish.

I hope so.
Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to buy a SRM2081 ticket...


Keep your eyes on the shadow run listings, they're hopefully will be some more posted in the coming days. With everything selling out so quickly, we're trying to scramble around and get a couple more events posted up there.


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