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I have what will appear to be a stupid question to many of you.
I'm a GenX Neo-luddite with the Gremlins flaw so I ask a lot of stupid tech questions.

If I share a google doc for people to read, are they able to edit it?  And if so, how do I prevent that?

I want to post my fan-fic link in a "Critique" thread on reddit, but as we all know reddit is a cesspool so I don't want someone from there trashing my text for fun.

I apologize if this is an inappropriate question for this forum.

Michael Chandra:
When you share a document, you can pick what role people get: Viewer, Commenter, Editor. So you could do for example the following at the same time:

- Sharing with specific e-mail account X as Commenter, because they're a cool dude and you want feedback
- "Anyone on the internet with this link can view"

Ok, so By default they cant do anything to it, I have to give permission for it to be edited, correct?

Michael Chandra:
Correct, if you click the Share button, then click "Change to anyone with the link", it will by default go 'anyone with the link can view'.

Cool, as long as I'm the only one who can make edits I don't mind who actually sees it.
I just didn't want some 12yr old reddit punk to delete all my work for fun.


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