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Anarchy anyone?

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Damned if you do (thread necro), damned if you don't (start up a new thread for an unpopular topic).   I'm literally a year and a half late to the party but figured I'd post and PM just in case the campaign is still going on.  Interested!

Hey Chummers,

We're lookin for players in the Los Angeles area for an ongoing tabletop Shadowrun Sixth World campaign. The GM has many SR editions worth of experience and brings the dynamically magical and futuristic world of Shadowrun to life with gritty and real cyberpunk-style storylines and by developing the player characters as well bringing the NPCs in the world to life.

Here's a link to a sort of information sheet or game pitch document he's made for the game

Take a look at it and if you're interested send the GM an email here and he'll fill you in on the rest.


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